A Long Walk to a Short List

It’s been a tumultuous and exciting twelve months.  This time last year we were both finishing up our jobs, picking up the last few pieces of gear, packing up our house, getting ready to move out of our house and still trying to figure out how exactly we were going to go about hiking the length of a country.  Sure, in simplest terms, a through hike is merely putting one foot in front of the other. Start at the top and keep going until you reach the sea.  It’s a little more difficult when the longest hiking trip you’ve previously done was 2 days (I should also mention that this was actually in preparation for New Zealand…).

Fast forward to today, Te Araroa seems like a distant memory, we’re back in Dublin, back working and back carrying most of the kilos we’d dropped on the trail.  To hear that a blog that we’d started almost as an after-thought, has now been short-listed in The Blog Awards Ireland for The Best Travel Blog has been overwhelming.   So thank you; to all of you who read the blog from the very beginning.  Thank you to everyone who encouraged us to keep updating with posts, even when our bodies ached, we were mentally exhausted, starving, soaked and missing home comforts.  Thank you to each person who supported us along our journey and who contributed to The Irish Heart Foundation.  Looks like the journey is not quite over yet…

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