We met a lot of people on the trail and made many friends, some we may never see again, but to be able to share the experience with like minded people, even for just a couple of hours means that we’ll never forget them. Here are their blogs in order of appearance:

Wayno & Di

Clement Balay

Nathan Denmark

Rebecca Cox

Kirstine Collins

Cameron McAlpine

Tattiana & Arnaud

Patrick Honsinger & Nolan McNamara

Elisabeth Brennwald

Anthony & Fiona

Other links that will help you along the way:

Obviousy, the official site:

The unnofficial one has great tips and notes, including the maps with notes on them made up by Kirstine Collins:

You may not actually need the website, but you should still call in to Whanaki Holiday Park to see Matt & Tracey, tell ’em the Irish sent ya!:

We used this so much i ended up copying th page and turning it into a doc on my phone, Bounce those boxes!

Not sure where you’re going to stay?

Get this app, it’s free and a great resource should you get a bit lost. Just preload the maps before you lose your signal.

Not sure if we actually used their site, but we certainly called into their offices enough:

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